SPACE - forward text

LEFT MOUSE BUTTON - start the hook

ARROW KEYS - move hook-shooting-device 

Hi there ! 

This game is our entry for the Isolation GameJam. It was the first gamejam we participated in.

Also we joined the Jam quite late an had only roughly three days to plan and develop.

Our game tries to tell the story of an accident and rescue mission in space. Your friend got thrown near a black hole and needs your help, controlling his space suit to harvest enough energy to start his engines and return to the space station.

Spoiler (kind of ;) ): There are no living things allowed in the game. Space Viruses are technically not alive ;) 

We are a game development club for kids/teens (roughly from 10-17 years) based in Leipzig Germany.

Code, Art and Music crafted by:

Florian - Artworks / Backstory

Laurin - Music/Sounds

Johannes - Code / Idea / Backstory

Andi - Name / Inspiration

Tobias - Early Planning 


VspaceDisconnected.exe 35 MB


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You should definitely make the intro skippable. Once I died, I had to watch the whole thing again. Also, I didn't know that I had to press space to continue the dialogue -- I tried clicking, enter, etc. and assumed it was unskippable or something. I see that it is written below, but there should be a prompt in the game to tell me what to do.

It's hard to give feedback on the gameplay because I could only play so many times before the intro sequence (while it is cool) got old. Also, there was no instruction on how to play the game so I just had to press random buttons and my hook got sent out into space and never came back.